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I haven’t showered since Tuesday. Well- it depends what your definition of shower is. I did lay on the shower floor and cry for an hour about 3 times while hot water ran over me.  But there was no soap involved. 

I should probably change my bed sheets….and pick up all these dishes. I should probably vacuum and wash my hair and look like a fucking human being.  I spent the ENTIRE THURSDAY IN MY BED. I woke up…cried. smoked a bowl, cried some more. found New Girl on netflix and proceeded to lay in bed and watch it ALL DAY. I got up to pee, and to open the door when my dominos came. Which was also my first time eating in 2 days. 

How the fuck do people survive breakups? I dont even know if this is an official break up. We’re supposed to take some time off and then come back and talk about it and decide we were want to go.  I still love him. I do believe, I still am in love with him. 

Fuck. This is hard.